Privacy Rooms

Fiamma Privacy Rooms.... ok this is a minefield, we will try and explain the different privacy rooms out there and which one you will need.

Q. What's a privacy room? 

A. When we talk about privacy rooms (some times known as a Safari Room), we make the assumption that you already have a canopy fitted to your vehicle, if you don't you need a canopy as well. Made up of two sides, a front and door a privacy room attaches to your canopy making a complete inclosure, another room much like an awning, however privacy rooms tend to feel more like a conservatory as they tend to let in a lot more natural light and don't feel so inclosed as awnings do.

There are 3 main types of Privacy rooms, the Standard weight, the Light Weight and the 'ZIP'. and within these 3 groups there are model specific types, for example motorhome or caravan.

Standard - This is the 'normal' privacy room, it comes in Van, Motorhome and Caravan models.

LightThis is the 'lighter weight' privacy room, it comes in Van, Motorhome and Caravan models.

ZIP -This a normal weight privacy room however it is connected via a ZIP system rather than the 'Clip' system on the other models, it comes in Motorhome and Caravan models.

So depending on what type of vehicle and what type of Canopy you have, you will need to get the correct and corresponding privacy room.

For an example, if you have a 'Caravanstore 2.8m ZIP XL' canopy, only a 'Caravanstore 2.8m ZIP XL' privacy room will fit it, and to put that in to context, there are also 'Caravanstore 2.8m', 'Caravanstore 2.8m XL', 'Caravanstore 2.8m ZIP' privacy rooms available of which none are not compatible.

If in doubt get in contact we will make sure you get the correct model for you.