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Carry-Bike Caravan XL A (02096-23A) (new model)

Carry-Bike Caravan XL A (02096-23A) (new model)

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The Fiamma Carry-Bike Caravan XL A bike rack fits almost all caravan frames (including Hobby and AL-KO) and can be installed on standard A-frame without the need to drill holes. This model has an aluminium finish.

The bike rack carries two bikes and the upper structure of the rack pivots forward allowing access to the caravan’s storage compartment (when bikes are not mounted).

Supplied with:

- 2 x Security strip

- 2 x Rail Quick Pro (bike rails)

- Brackets


- Colour: Aluminium

- Vehicle: Caravan

- Bikes carries as standard: 2

- Bike carried max.: 2

- Max load: 50kg

- Position: A frame

- Dimensions: 128 x 33 x 67cm (with rail support base in standard open position and in models with minimum adjustable vertical wheelbase)

- Weight: 5.3kg

- Distance between rails: 15cm

- A-frame minimum size: 40.2cm

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