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Carry-Bike VW Transporter T6 Tailgate

Carry-Bike VW Transporter T6 Tailgate

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Carry-Bike specially designed for T6 Transporter with Tailgate

Bike carrier for VW Transporter T6 van with single, lift up tailgate. Simple hook-over installation with no drilling required the Carry-Bike Transporter T6 carries 2 bikes as standard and can be upgraded to carry up to 4 bikes by purchasing extra accessories.

Suitable for VW California, VW Transporter and VW Multivan from 2016 onward. Simply hooks under and over the rear tailgate without the need to drill. The door can remain in use when the bikes are fitted, although it will need support when opening

Carry-Bike VW T6 standard Kit and Upgrades

Supplied as standard with: 2x Rail Quick (bike support), Bike-Block Pro 1 and 3 (frame to bike holder), 2x Rack Holders (secures the bike support when folded away) and Security Strip (buckled strap). Supplied as standard to carry 2-bikes but can also be purchased with additional Rail Quick supports and Bike Blocks to carry 3 and 4-bikes.

  1. 3rd bike upgrade kit: 1 x Rail Quick and 1x Bike Block Pro 2.
  2. 4th bike upgrade kit: 2 x Rail Quick and 1x Bike Block Pro 2 and 4.

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