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Fiamma Bi-Pot 30 Toilet

Fiamma Bi-Pot 30 Toilet

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The BI-POT is an extremely strong Fiamma built portable toilet, available in three different sizes (Small 30, Medium 34 and Large 39). The Fiamma BI-POT is a simple and self-contained fresh water flush system. The system is easy to clean and extremely compact which makes dismantling easy. The Fiamma BI-POT has a strong and sturdy handle for transportation.

Fiamma quality assured backed by each tank being electronically tested to check the seal before packaging. Handy side clips attach the two parts of the system together.

BIPOT 30 Specifications:

Upper Tank 10L

Lower Tank 11L

Weight 4.1KG

Dimensions 43.5cm (D) x 34.5(W) x 30(H)

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